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A digital service marketplace for singers and pianists.

Buy and sell high-quality accompaniments of arias and art song. 

Make great coaching connections, create high quality audition materials.

Purchase and download MP3s and movies of art song and aria accompaniments, as well as role studies

High-quality recordings by high-quality (human) musicians

Created by real humans, benefiting real coaches. 

Prices based on sound quality and difficulty.

Request customized tracks

Match with a coach, create a completely personalized recording.

Exchange recordings for optimal collaboration.

Download your track and take it to go

After you order a track, you own it.

We only ask that you please be a good human and don't resell it.

Coaching Services

Synchronous coaching sessions

Online coachings with professional vocal coaches around the country.

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Asynchronous feedback on video/audio recordings (via video, audio recording, or e-mail)

Language coaching, role studies

Get prepped for your next audition or gig.

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